Eavestrough Cleaning – Tell Us Your Story

What’s in your eavestrough? A baseball or hockey puck? Leaves or twigs? How about free standing water? If you live in the Edmonton area and answered yes to any of the these questions, or if you simply can’t remember when you had your gutters cleaned last then give Squeegee Boy’s Edmonton eavestough cleaning service a call.

Regular  eavestrough inspection and cleaning is super important. Yet, maintenance of these catch-alls around your home is often overlooked. Accumulation of eavestrough debris like dirt, leaves, needles, twigs – hockey pucks – baseballs, and yes – we’ve even the found golf balls up there; can cause serious build-ups that don’t get noticed until the first spring melt or heavy thunderstorm.

Slow flowing and even fully blocked drainage is common place, and leads to ice damming, roof damage, basement flooding. Stagnant water also becomes breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, algae and mosquitoes. Yuck!! That’s where Squeegee Boy’s professional eavestrough cleaning service comes in. If you need eavestrough cleaning in the Edmonton area contact us today.

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We’ll Take Care of Your Eavestrough Cleaning – You Go Work On Your Short Game : )

We know the thought of grappling with smelly rotten leaves, while awkwardly balancing on a ladder when you could be at the links, isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun weekend activity; so contact us and let us do the work for you.  We’re Edmonton’s gutter cleaning experts.  We’ve got the know-how and proper equipment to get those gutters cleaned out and flowing freely again!

Using high pressure water we’ll thoroughly wash and rinse out all the debris (including any golf balls). Then before packing up our gear, we’ll make sure the elbows and downspouts are clear, and that all water flows freely away from your Edmonton home.

At Squeegee Boy we can even perform minor repairs, so your house will be in tip-top shape, ready before the next rainfall or spring melt. Give us a call and book your free, no obligation, eavestrough cleaning quote and let the experts at Squeegee Boy do the dirty work – while you go practice your golf swing some more  ; )

"Will definitely hire this company again when our addition is complete, and for routine cleaning of our windows and eaves!"

Janice T.Sherwood Park

"Excellent eavestrough and window cleaning. It was cold outside and they still got the job done! We will definitely use this company again!

Wesley S.Fort Saskatchewan

"They were fabulous. Just moved in and Windows were a mess. Now spotless and I don't have to worry about the eavestrough either. On time and done quickly too."

Donna M.Edmonton

"Thank you for power washing my eavestrough and taking the moss off the roof. Great Job!"

Lisa B.Fort Saskatchewan

"I have used Squeegee Boy for years to do our windows inside and out as well as our eavestroughs and they are absolutely the best!"

Bonnie M.Sherwood Park

Our Gutter Cleaning Guarantee

Our guarantee is based on something simple – our promise – that you'll be completely satisfied with the eaves trough cleaning results, and if you are not, we'll make it right. It's just how we do business. Ask for your free quote or book an appointment today! You’ll be glad you did.